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The viewer

The EuroBirdPortal (EBP) demo viewer shows a set of five different animated maps depicting the week by week distributional patterns of 15 species in four years (2010-2013) at a resolution of 30x30 km. Moreover, temperature and precipitation maps (E-OBS v.10.0) are also shown for comparative purposes. Two animated maps of any species or climatic variable, year and type can be selected to be shown simultaneously for direct comparison. During the next months the list of available species will progressively increase to 50 and data from 2014 will also be added, offering more than 1.5 million different map combinations to choose from.

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The EBP project

The EBP is a project of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) developed through a partnership that currently comprises 29 institutions from 21 different European countries.

The purpose of EBP is to establish a European data repository based on aggregated data from online bird recording portals from across Europe with the following major objectives:

1 To describe large scale spatiotemporal patterns of bird distributions (seasonal distributional changes, migratory patterns, phenology) and their changes over time.

2 To improve the value of online data gathering portals.

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